Shree Latinath Higher Secondary school is an institution which made its progress within a short period of time; the school is able to run the technical classes which is a successful news to all the members related to it. It is all due to great effort and works of the all teachers staffs school management committee and the general public. The institution will be a renowned education hub in Far-western Development Region in the nearby future,It will be a matter of pride for me and all the alumni's of the institution. I pray Shree Malika Arjun Devi,Shree Jayapur Mandir and all the genuine personalities who think and believe the for the success of the school

Dr. Manoj Bhatt

Shree Latinath Higher Secondary School was a hard working institution and it will be a renowned institution because of its hard labour and continuous work in the field of education. It is able to generate products of great personalities, provide quality education as well as managed it’s path in technical field which is the burning issue education system in education So I am proudly to say that I am also the alumni of this school and the school will surely reach the top of Everest and be a model school in the Far-western Development Region

Dr. Bashu Dev Pant