After the abandonment of the Rana rule in the country the flourishment of education as the third eye of the government was possible .The national Education Board was established in 2009 B.S and "Rastriya Aayojana Aayog" was established in 2010 B.S and was the beginning of the formal education in Nepal. At the same time ,the public of Rithachaupata in thought of bright future of their generation, they established "Shikshya Kendra" in the year 2011 B.S Magh 09th on the occasion of "Basanta Panchami" . The founders of this "Shikshya Kendra" were Late Damberdhoj Bist and late Bhawani Prasad Joshi as well as the guardians of the Rithachaupata played an important role and named the school as "Shree Malika Arjun Primary Level School Chaupata" . This was a great unforgettable history of the school. In order to operate the institution in the nearby future 5 members Working committee was established on the chairmanship of Late Damberdhoj Bist and financial sector was handled by late Bhawani Prasad Joshi. Late Hari Shankar Pandey, the founder teacher of the school was invited from India to teach the students.

As the time went on importance of education grew more abundantly among the public and the school started to gear up the educational sector. The result of which came true and successful in the year 2025 B.S , on the occasion of "Basanta Panchami" on the chairmanship of Late Gopal Datt Bist school was named after "Shree Latinath Middle School" . The first honorable donors of the institution were Late Gopal Bist- Rs 500, Late Nanda Ram Joshi- Rs 525, Shree Gyan Dev Bist- Rs 500, Shree Parmananda Joshi- Rs 500, Shree Bal Dev Pal-Rs 500.The school was teaching it's students up to grade 6 with 26 students in grade 6 and Mr Daya Krishna Pant was the founder teacher in that period. On 2025 B.S Falgun 12th Zonal Educational Officer Mr. Chandra Upadhaya gave the temporary affiliation to start school as "Shree Latinath Middle School" . Similarly on 2028 B.S the school had several branches, Standard 1-3 as Malika Arjun primary level school, Standard 4-7 as Shree Latinath Nimna Madhyamik Bidhalaya and the permanent affilation was given on 2032 B.S Kartik 29th .On 2042 B.S Poush 5th both the schools were integrated and named after "Shree Latinath Madhyamik Bidhalaya Chandanpur Chaupata" .Similarly on 2048 B.S on the occasion of "Rishi Panchami" on the great effort of Pandit Jaya Dev Bist,Mr.Jaya Dev Bist and Parmananda Joshi the school was able to start it's programme as "Shree latinath Madhyamik Bidhalaya" which later got it's permanent affiliation on 2053 B.S Baishak 3rd .

As the time went on ,on the chairmanship of Mr.Parmanda Joshi the school got it's success to get temporary affilation of Higher Secoundary level School which was under the great effort of general public,guardians,the teachers staffs of the school who donated one month salary to run the school.On 2067B.S school was able to establish as Annex school with the introduction of PJTA(15months) as a technical course and the school was named after "Shree latinath Higher Secoundary School (Annex) Programme ,Chandanpur Chaupata. This was the great effort of various parliament members,School management Committee,Parents Teachers Association,VEC,District Education Office Darchula, Education Department of Nepal,Education Ministry of Nepal,CTEVT Sanothimi Bhakatapur,genuine personalities,guardians,teachers staff,students and all the people who are joined after school's name and fame. Later, on 2070 B.S the "Annex" word was replaced by word TECS, CTEVT and school was named after "Shree Latinath Higher Secoundary School (TECS) programme Chandanpur Chaupata Darchula. Recently school has got a great success and got a Temporary Private affiliation in Isc(Ag)/Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science) and Civil Sub Overshare on 2071 B.S Mangsir 09th.


Shree Latinath Higher Secondary School (TECS) Programme, Chandanpur, Darchula is situated in Far Western Development Region in Darchula District, Rithachaupata VDC ward no-2. It lies towards S-W direction and about 14.5 Kosh from Api Municipality Darchula. Geographically it lies at latitude of 29. 680065, longitude 80.46740 and about 1443 meters from the mean sea level.